Ukraine at MIPIM / Україна на MIPIM

16 - 19 March 2021 / 16 - 19 березня, 2021
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#1 Investment event gathers the most influential players from all sectors related to smart urban development, investments in PropTech, infrastructure as well as classical and alternative real estate

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Ukraine has been represented at MIPIM for over 15 years by cities, companies, and various projects. For the last three years, the Ukrainian market has been represented by the Kyiv City, which has been headed by the Mayor Vitalii Klitschko and supported by the local business community. Ukraine at MIPIM will go forward with the enhancement of a consistent approach, as well as further diversification of the projects’ geography.


Вже більше 15 років Україна присутня на MIPIM та представлена окремими містами, компаніями, проектами. Протягом останніх трьох років, ринок Києва був презентований мером Віталієм Кличко за підтримки локального бізнесу. Україна на MIPIM стане наступним кроком, який покаже більше передових інноваційних проектів за межами столиці.

Participants / Учасники

Igor Konstantinovsky
Chief Executive Officer
Masnavi Capital
Illia Sazhin
Real Estate Director
Masnavi Capital
Volodymyr Tymochko
Managing Director, Private Equity
Dragon Capital
Dmytro Sennychenko
State Property Fund of Ukraine
Olena Shuliak
Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Sergii Bogoslavskyi
Vitalii Melnyk
Vice President
Olga Dzhelebova
Communications Director
Olga Zaremba
Midland Development
Kateryna Glimbovska
Board Member
Altis Holding
Yuriy Kryvosheya
President & Managing Partner
Yuriy Fyliuk
Founder and CEO
Wolfgang Gomernik
DELTA Projektconsult Ukraine
Iryna Skorokhodova
Founder and CEO
STRIX.Property Investment Boutique

Program / Програма

See Program / Посмотреть программу
March 16 / 16 березня
7:30 - 8:30

VENUE: to be announced
🇺🇦Ukrainian Team’s Morning Jogging

As part of MIPIM’s wellbeing program Ukrainian delegation initiated the morning jogging

12:00 – 12:45

VENUE: P — 1.F 64, P — 1.F55
 Growing Investors’ Confidence

Official Kyiv Stand Opening by Head of Delegation & Discussion Session followed by Cocktail Reception


  • Vitalii Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv / Head of Delegation (*to be announced)
  • Olena Shuliak, Member of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
  • Dmytro Sennychenko, Head of State Property Fund
  • Yuriy Kryvosheya, President & Managing Partner at Toronto-Kyiv; Member of the Board of Directors, Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC)
  • Sergii Bogoslavskyi, CEO at UDP

Supported by


14:00 – 15:00

VANUE: Grand Auditorium, Palais-1

 Thinkers & Leaders. The Future is Human
✅MIPIM Program highly recommended to attend

15:00 - 15:45

VENUE: Grand Auditorium 1, Palais

Keynote session with Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France
✅MIPIM Program highly recommended to attend

16:15 - 17:00

VENUE: Grand Auditorium 1, Palais

Emerging Trends in Real Estate by Urban Land Institute

✅MIPIM Program highly recommended to attend

19:30 - 22:00

VENUE: Carlton Hotel

Informal networking with entertainment program

✅MIPIM Program highly recommended to attend

March 17 / 17 березня
7:30 - 8:30

VENUE: to be announced
🇺🇦Ukrainian Team’s Morning Jogging

As part of MIPIM’s wellbeing program Ukrainian delegation initiated the morning jogging

10:00 - 11:00

VENUE: Verrière Grand Auditorium, Palais 1

Keynote speech by Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple
✅MIPIM Program highly recommended to attend

To build our future, leaders in real estate need to anticipate the rapidly changing requirements of the user and to adopt new ideas. Such challenges and opportunities present a wider space; to develop creativity, encourage innovation and to think differently.

12:00 - 13:00

VENUE: P – 1.K20/L17
Presentation of City One Development Projects


  • Nick Cotton, CEO at Cushman and Wakefield

🇺🇦Partner’s event

12:15 - 13:00

VENUE: Innovation headquarter Palais-1 

Innovation Forum
Technology and urbanization used to accelerate sustainability agendas


  • Promprylad.Renovation
  • PEEB
  • ABB Group

🇺🇦 Highly recommended to attend.
Ukraine as part of the official MIPIM program


15:00 - 15:30

VENUE: 🇺🇦P — 1.F 64, P — 1.F55

Case study by Vasconi Architects: Designing High-Density City


  • Thomas Schinko is the principal architect of Vasconi Architects,
    an Award-winning architectural studio headquartered in Paris with offices in Luxembourg and Hong Kong.
18:30 - 22:00

🍸🇺🇦 Ukrainian Garden Networking Cocktail
Informal networking cocktail with entertainment program 

✔ by invitation only

March 18 / 18 березня
7:30 - 8:30

VENUE: to be announced
🇺🇦Ukrainian Team’s Morning Jogging

As part of MIPIM’s wellbeing program Ukrainian delegation initiated the morning jogging

11:00 - 11:45

VENUE: P – 1.K20/L17

Mixed-use projects creating a new urban environment: key features, trends, benefits

🇺🇦Partner’s event to be announced


  • Andrii Kysil, Head of Project Management Department of City One Development company
  • Volodymyr Mysak, Head of Capital Markets of Cushman & Wakefield Ukraine
  • Marta Kostiuk, Head of Research and Development Consultancy of Cushman & Wakefield Ukraine
  • Leonardo Cavalli, Founder & Managing Partner at One works studio


  • Tetiana Antoniuk, Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Property
12:00 - 12:45

VENUE: 🇺🇦 P — 1.F64, P — 1.F55

Inventing the Future or Reinventing the Past

Real Estate session dedicated to alternative urban projects, projects of revitalization and transformation arising from modern consumers’ needs, growth of IT and technological companies.


  • Yuriy Filyuk, Founder and CEO at Promprylad.Renovation
  • Sergii Bogoslavskyi, CEO at UDP
  • Dmytro Sennychenko, Head of the State Property Fund
  • Vlaho Kojakovic, Director of Property and Tourism at EBRD (*to be confirmed)


  • Yuriy Kryvosheya, President and Managing Partner at Toronto-Kyiv; Member of the Board of Directors, Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC)
18:30 - 19:00

VENUE: Grand Auditorium, Palais 1

MIPIM Awards Ceremony & Award Ceremony Networking Event

✅MIPIM Program highly recommended to attend

19:30 - 22:00

VENUE: Astoux et Brun — Le Restaurant

🇺🇦Ukrainians in Cannes Traditional Dinner

✔by invitation only

Photos / Фотогалерея

News / Новини

Міжнародна інвестиційна виставка MIPIM 2020 перенесена вдруге Міжнародна інвестиційна виставка MIPIM перенесена вдруге. Нові дати виставки – 16-19 березня 2021. Раніше виставку вже переносили на червень 2020 через високу ймовірноість поширення коронавируса Covid-19. Цього разу причиною перенесення стало стрімке поширення вірусу в Європі та світі.
У зв’язку з поширенням коронавірусу Covid-19 MIPIM-2020 перенесено на червень «Заплановані дати проведення Міжнародній виставки нерухомості «МІРІМ-2020» з 10 по 13 березня перенесені на 2 – 5 червня 2020 року. Таке рішення прийнято у зв’язку з поширенням короновіруса (Covid-19) та з метою забезпечення здоров’я та безпеки учасників виставки», повідомив офіційний представник виставки MIPIM в Україні Дмитро Допіро.
International investment exhibition MIPIM is rescheduled for June “MIPIM’s original March 10-13 dates are changing due to growing concerns related to the coronavirus (Covid-19) and with the aim to ensure a healthy environment for all participants of the event,” Dmytro Dopiro, the official representative of MIPIM in Ukraine has informed local business community.
MIPIM-2020: що готує українське представництво на глобальній інвестиційній виставці? Україна, де за останні місяці тема залучення інвестицій і підтримки інвесторів стала одним з найбільш обговорюваних питань, матиме рекордне за останні декілька років MIPIM національне представництво.Серед учасників від України у 2020 році - представники бізнесу, місцевої влади та державних установ. Традиційно захід підтримує Посол України у Франції.
Україна на інвестиційній карті світу 4 грудня в Holiday Inn Kyiv відбувся круглий стіл на тему «Україна на інвестиційній карті світу», ініційований та організований в рамках проекту Ukraine at MIPIM. У фокусі заходу були усі дотичні до інвестицій активності, які дозволяють максимально представити інвестиційну привабливість України в світі
How technical innovation are shaping the future of the construction industry in Ukraine - Wolfgang Gomernik Digitalization has progressed rapidly from the time when we first arrived in Ukraine. BIM (building information modeling) is becoming standard. We began implementing BIM as well as our “datenpool” documentation and communication platform for Ukrainian projects some years ago.

Organizing Partners / Організаційні партнери

Dmytro Dopiro
Dmytro Dopiro
Representative of MIPIM in Ukraine
Maryna Chekannikova
Maryna Chekannikova
Marketing & Design
Anna Nestulia
Anna Nestulia
B2B Communications & Program Coordinator
Yuriy Kryvosheya
Yuriy Kryvosheya
Head of Supervisory Board of Ukraine at MIPIM; President & Managing Partner at Toronto-Kyiv

Advisory Board / Консультаційна Рада

Olena Shuliak
Member of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Iryna Skorokhodova
Founder & CEO at STRIX.Property Investment Boutique
Wolfgang Gomernik
CEO at DELTA Projektconsult Ukraine
Natalia Kochergina
Partner & Head of Real Estate at DLA Piper Ukraine

Partners / Партнери

Premium Partners
Official Partners
Media Partners
Special Event Partners